A unique tomato

ADORA is the name of a tomato unlike any other. It is also the word that springs to mind once you have tasted it. The ADORA tomato offers a unique sensory experience.

At first glance, its appearance and shape are remarkable. We are not used to seeing this type of tomatoes on our shelves. As surprise gives way to desire: ADORA sparks and awakens our curiosity. Its original colour sticks in the mind.

To the touch, ADORA offers an appealing balance between suppleness and firmness, with its authentic Marmande tomato shape. When it is cut in half, you can further appreciate the originality and intensity of its colour.

When you taste it — a magical and delicate moment — ADORA explodes with flavour to delight even the most demanding of palates. Its fleshy skin awakens your taste buds. Its intense flavour and sweetness remain in the mouth and invite us to repeat this unique sensory experience.

A tomato from a traditional production region

The ADORA tomato is grown using the know-how of passionate producers in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park in Andalusia, a traditional Spanish production region.

ADORA producers are committed to observing specific requirements to ensure that top-quality fruit reaches the market throughout the entire season.

60 years of know-how

ADORA is the result of 60 years of know-how devoted to the creation of traditional Marmande tomato varieties. A worthy heir to the varieties grown and consumed in the Mediterranean production regions, ADORA enjoys qualities that are intrinsic to ancient varieties, with an original colour, an attractive shape and an intense flavour which allow it to stand out among other tomatoes.

ADORA is peerless and unique.