Tomato basil macaroons


30 to 40 macaroons


150 g Ground white almonds 
150 g Icing sugar
50 g Egg white 1
150 g Caster sugar
50 g Water
50 g Egg white 2
Red and green powdered food colouring to taste

Tomato basil cream

120 g Soft cream cheese like Philadelphia® or St Môret
2 Adora tomatoes
Juice of 1/2 lemon
8-10 Basil (leaves)
Salt, Espelette chilli to taste
5 g Gelatine sheet


  • Preheat the oven to 160°C.
  • Sift together the ground almonds and icing sugar.
  • Beat the first lot egg whites (constant average speed) until the air bubbles are all the same size.
  • In a saucepan, heat the water and caster sugar together until they reach 117°C then slowly pour over the egg whites (not too firm).
  • Continue beating the mixture until the bowl is warm.
  • Add to this mixture the remaining 50g of egg whites and continue to beat.
  • The meringue is ready when the bowl is cold and the whisk has a “beak” on it when lifted.
  • Weigh your sugar/ground almond mixture and your meringue to make 2 bowls of equal quantities: one for red biscuits and one for green biscuits.
  • In each bowl of meringue, add the powdered colouring and begin to make the macaroons: add the icing sugar/ground almonds in thirds to the meringue to make sure the mixture is smooth.
  • The mixture is ready when you have a good ribbon flowing from your spatula.
  • Put the red and green macaroon mixtures into two piping bags with a number 8 nozzle. Pipe onto greaseproof paper on a baking tray.
  • Remember to print out a size sheet and put it under the greaseproof paper, to make identical biscuits.
  • Bake the macaroons for 12 to 15 minutes in a fan oven. The exact time depends on your oven. Remember to turn the baking tray half-way through so that the ones at the back are not more cooked than those at the front.
  • The biscuits are ready when they come off the greaseproof paper easily.
  • Cool at room temperature.


Tomato basil cream

  • Peel and deseed the tomatoes: there must not be too much liquid.
  • Blend the cream cheese, tomatoes and basil.
  • Season: lemon juice, salt (not too much if the cream cheese is salted), Espelette chilli.
  • To make a cream that will hold in the macaroon, the mixture requires gelatine. Soak the gelatine for 20 minutes in cold water, then dissolve it in a few dessertspoons of very hot water. Once the gelatine is dissolved, mix it into the cream cheese/tomato/basil mixture.
  • Chill for at least 4 hours.
  • Fill a piping bag with it and fill the macaroons using a fluted nozzle.


these sweet/savoury macaroons must not taste like a sweet pastry. To avoid that, remove the sweetness of the biscuit by sprinkling a little fleur de sel and Espelette chilli on the biscuits just before baking.


Serve with an aperitif.

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