A taste like you've
never tasted before

The teardrop

A smooth and elegant transition from green to brown like a teardrop rolling down its pronounced grooves is the hallmark that announces the optimum point of maturity of the Adora tomato, a characteristic that accompanies the moment it becomes a unique and incomparable experience for your taste buds.


Until now, tomatoes have maintained recognisable flavour characteristics on the palates of ordinary mortals. Adora has come to break the rules and redefine the taste of tomatoes, taking us to a new culinary dimension of sweet intensity and intense aroma for a new and unique sensory experience.


Redefines the taste
of tomatoes

More than
7 degrees brix

Individually selected

Adora is an exceptional tomato in all its essence, in each and every aspect that makes it unique. Its excellent quality is evident with its more than 7 degrees Brix, giving Adora a deliciously sweet taste. Producers use the most advanced technology focused on flavour selection to choose the best specimens, those worthy of bearing the “Adora” label.

the exceptional


The ADORA tomato is low in calories.

Hydrating and refreshing, ADORA tomatoes are 94% water. Suitable for a healthy and balanced diet and under 20 kcal/100 gr, ADORA helps you look after of yourself. Its unusually high fructose content (sugar with a very low glycaemic index) contributes to a slow release of energy in the body.

The ADORA tomato, rich in antioxidants.

Due to its deep brown colour, ADORA tomatoes are naturally rich in pigments called carotenoids (lycopene, beta-carotene and tocopherol). These three carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that have a protective effect against major chronic diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes…).

The ADORA tomato, a source of vitamins and minerals.

Consuming one ADORA tomato covers a quarter of the daily intake of vitamins A and C. Its high potassium content also helps to reduce high blood pressure.


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I miss it

Seeing your childhood friends, meeting your brother who lives in another city, calling your mother just to see how she is doing, enjoying playing at home with your children… Routine gets in the way of us enjoy the things that really matter. The feeling of living a unique moment when we experience it seems to say, “I miss it”.

No matter the reason, the moment, the place or the company, the feeling of living a special moment is always intensely missed and comes with the desire to make it happen again.

Adora redefines the taste of the tomato by becoming one of those memorable moments that you will want to live intensely over and over again to not forget that you “miss it”.