asked questions

Where does the ADORA tomato come from?

ADORA comes from 60 years of know-how dedicated to the creation of Marmande tomato varieties.

ADORA is the result of conventional varietal creation. It is the worthy heir to varieties grown and eaten in a traditional Mediterranean tomato-producing region.

What makes ADORA unique?

ADORA benefits from the intrinsic qualities of ancient varieties. However, its original colour, its attractive shape and its intense flavour clearly set it aside from all other tomatoes.

Where and how is ADORA produced?

The ADORA tomato is grown using the know-how of passionate producers in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park in Andalusia, a traditional Spanish production region.

ADORA producers are committed to observing specific requirements to ensure that top-quality fruit reaches the market throughout the entire season.

How do consumers perceive ADORA?

A number of focus groups were set up among consumers from various European countries. ADORA stood out for its originality as well as its exceptional flavour; an aroma, an intense flavour and a sweetness which invite you to repeat a unique sensory experience.

Is eating ADORA good for my health?

Yes, the ADORA tomato is a low-fat product with high levels of antioxidants (lycopenes, beta-carotenes and tocopherols). It is also a good source of vitamins and potassium. It is also a good source of vitamins and potassium.

How can I fully enjoy the benefits of ADORA?

Fresh, cut into quarters and drizzled with olive oil, ADORA offers all its nutritional benefits. But there are many other ways to cook ADORA.

How should I store my ADORA tomato?

ADORA is an exclusive product that can be kept in the refrigerator in order to extend its life. We recommend taking it out of the refrigerator several hours before eating it, so as to restore its exceptional flavour.

When is the best time of year to buy ADORA?

ADORA is mainly available at points of sale from early November to late May. This is the best period for producing and selling top-quality fruits.